Picture our sky filled with a huge fleet of anonymous flying objects. How do you think the people of earth would respond? It's pretty predictable, isn't it?

It's a safe bet that the Tea Party, NRA, and Survivalist type folks would break out the ammunition and start shooting.

The folks who see images of Jesus in their scrambled eggs would likely respond to images of saints and angels electronically projected on clouds as evidence of a second coming, and would blindly worship whoever stepped forward, claiming to be the Messiah.

Those who surround themselves with healing crystals and think visitors from other planets have come here to save us from ourselves might mistakenly assume that technological sophistication and spiritual enlightenment go hand in hand. Sadly, they don't.

The truth of the visitation may be somewhat more mundane.

SOME of these visitors will be traders. They don't want war. That would destroy valuable assets. They will be seeking negotiations.

We've been told that the first negotiations between Earth and various groups of visitors to our planet took place in the 1950's. In retrospect, many now believe that our leaders chose the wrong group to do business with.

I've just finished reading a short book which probably offers the most concise view and possibly the most accurate assessment I've ever read of what is currently happening and what is about to happen on our planet.

The content, published in 2001, was channeled. You can stop rolling your eyes now. You're supposed to be smarter than that.

Remember the old commercial which asked, "Is it real or is it Memorex?" It became a popular catchphrase when it came to things that were genuine and things which were good fakes. The same holds true for conversations claiming to have been channeled.

The overwhelming majority of books claiming to have been channeled were penned by enterprising authors who simply identified a market niche and jumped on the bandwagon.

It's actually pretty easy to tell which is which, though.

This one single piece, like the half century old Seth Material (now held by The Yale University Library Manuscripts and Archives) strikes me as being the real thing.

This 2001 message to earth's population, those who were willing to listen, anyway, was fairly simple.

Summarizing, (I'm paraphrasing, using current terms); The speaker gives us a brief history of what has happened to his own planet and others like it. He advises that Earth has had visitors from other worlds for a very long time and notes that there are about to be a whole lot more. They will begin to appear in greater and greater numbers. (We've already observed this)

Many of us, he says, instinctively know that something important, something otherworldly, is about to happen. We feel it.

But the people of earth are woefully naive, he says, as were a lot of other small worlds, including his own. Been there, done that, he notes. We're giving Earth a heads up, he offers, so at least you know what to expect.

We're able to observe, from a safe distance, he tells us, but no, we cannot step in to help. He advises us; You've got built-in knowledge, and now is the time to use it. You'll need to think clearly, and objectively.

In short, he intimates that we need to crank our B.S. meters into overdrive because we're definitely going to need it.

These particular visitors are the equivalent of Earths most ruthless Corporations.

Think of an intergalactic Bain Capital equipped with mind control, telepathic skills, and far, far superior technologies.

Earth's politicians, he tells us, (Think of the current House of Representatives as an example) who care only for themselves, and who are controlled by the 1%, are prepared to sell your planet out from under you, revoke your individual freedoms, and commit your population to involuntary servitude.

They do this, naively believing that by doing so, it will bring them more wealth and greater power. To your visitors, taking over your planet will be nothing them, it's only business.

The key to retaining your planet's freedom and autonomy as you join the intergalactic community, he advises, is Knowledge.

The 2001 book is short, thought provoking, it can be read as a PDF document, or opened in iBooks.

Suggestions in the Forward that the author is now a "Spiritual Leader" should be taken with a grain of salt. He was an adept channeler, charged with delivering a message. No more, no less.

"The Allies of Humanity Briefings give us a greater perspective and a deeper understanding of our destiny within a larger panorama of intelligent life in the Universe. In order to achieve this, the Allies do not speak to our analytical mind but to Knowledge, the deeper part of our being where the truth, however clouded, can be directly discerned and experienced."

There is no cost to read the book from the linked location. At minimum, it's thought provoking. We undoubtedly face an additional threat to our planet, one that most of us had never even contemplated.